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TI compares their upcoming OMAP 5430 chip with Apple's A5X

June 4, 2012

TI announced the OMAP 5430 for the first time back in 2010, and I remember how excited people were about it, even though they should’ve moderated their excitement a little bit. The chip wasn’t supposed to come out for 2 years and who knows what we would see until then! Well, the OMAP 5430 is getting closer and closer to being introduced into the market, and TI is starting to show us more demos of it to get us excited about it once again.

The test ahead of Computex, seems to pit a tablet running the dual core Cortex A15 with an overclocked PowerVR SGX 543MP2 GPU versus the new iPad with the dual core A9 CPU and a PowerVR SGX 543MP4 GPU. The benchmark test is the GLBenchmark 2.5 (new one) that tests the devices at a 1080p resolution with the V-sync on and off.

The results of the test show us a 38 vs 34 FPS performance for V-sync on, and 45 vs 43 FPS for V-sync off. This means their new chip beats the A5X in the iPad in GPU performance, although not by much. The 2-4 FPS difference is barely worth noting considering that the A5X would’ve been out for 3 seasons by the time this chip arrives in a tablet, and the new iPad which should arrive a few short months after that, should easily double that performance.

This is TI’s problem, because they’ve never really focused on using the latest GPU. Perhaps they are trying to cut costs or something, so they utilize a generation old GPU. They try to make up for it with increased clock speeds, but this time that didn’t work too well either, because they have to launch the OMAP 5430 this fall (Cortex A15 couldn’t have been ready earlier), which puts their GPU at a disadvantage.

I expect the upcoming Mali T604 GPU in Exynos 5250 and the Adreno 320 to beat TI’s GPU, and they will probably be out earlier than the OMAP 5430, too. There are still some good things about this chip, though. It has a next-gen Cortex A15 CPU, which was first supposed to be clocked at 2.5 Ghz, but the latest announcements made it to be at 2 Ghz, and that should be very competitive with what’s coming out later this year. It will also be several months ahead of the next chip in the 2013 iPad, which will probably feature a 2 Ghz dual core Cortex A15 CPU, too.