Nowadays, you can rarely see Texas Instruments’ silicon chip equipped among the best Android devices. For TI, the ugly truth is that manufacturers prefer either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon or NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 SoC’s. Nevertheless, TI is looking forward to gettinh back in the business with the introduction of their newest and freshest OMAP ARM dual core processor known as the OMAP 4470 which is speculated to be released sometime in 2012.

It has been a long while since we last saw TI’s silicon chip on top calibre Android smartphone and tablets and we really don’t know why TI kept a low profile while pitching to Android OEMs. But now, they’ll be bouncing back with what looks to be very compelling piece of kit. Even though 2012 seems far away, TI’s OMAP 4470 looks to be the first chip to have a taste of the Ice Cream Sandwich, and will likely have a major impact on high-spec’ed smartphones in the near future.

Don’t be surprised of OMAP 4470’s speed. It can reach up to 1.8GHz – that is almost two times faster than the Tegra 2! Anyway, NVIDIA already has the Project Kal-el, the quad-core processor. So, if OMAP’s newest processor can’t make it to smartphones and tablets by 2012, and then for sure it will have to contend with the quad-core NVIDIA. Yet, TI had prepared for it. Aside from its ARM A9 cores, it will feature two minor ARM M3 cores to add more support and to make the load lighter for the two major cores in the course of resource rigorous tasks like 3D gaming. TI also asserts that the two minor cores will lure less power thereby boosting battery life.

There is still plenty of time before 2012 comes. It’s going to be an exciting year for Android smartphones and tablets, and there’s still a lot yet to happen. Any thoughts? Hit us up in the comments.

Source:  SlashGear