three uk

It looks like those who are looking to take advantage of their LTE-enabled devices in the UK will have to stick with EE and its expensive data plans longer.

During Three UK’s earnings conference call, its CEO Dave Dyson said that the company’s Ultrafast network, which maxes out at HSPA+, has been getting great feedback from customers. Hence, they’re not in any rush to roll out LTE and want to promote the Ultrafast network instead.

According to Dyson, Three will take a wait-and-see approach on how other mobile operators, such as O2 and Vodafone, will position their 4G LTE service. After winning their LTE bids in the UK last month, we have yet to hear from O2 and Vodafone about their launch plans.

As for Three, the earliest that we’ll see the service being introduced is in Q4 2013 in areas with the highest demand for mobile internet. When it does go live, Three promises that 3G customers won’t be charged extra to access the 4G LTE network. We’ll see in six months or so whether that will be the case or not.

Any EE subscribers here? Can’t wait to see what the competitors will be offering?

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