Three has a very exciting announcement for our UK friends that are using or thinking about switching to Three. Today, Three announced they will be rolling out a 42.2mbps HSPA+ network by the end of 2012. They also announced they have already deployed their 21.1mbps HSPA+ network over the majority of their 3G network, and plans to roll it out to all of their 3G network by early next year.

Some of the other UK carriers have not made as much noise about their HSPA+ networks, but they have been rolled out on other carriers already, like T-Mobile UK and Vodafone. This is especially exciting for those with HSPA+ capable phones like the Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S II.

Three also said in their blog post – which you can read by hitting the source link – that after the 42.2mbps HSPA+ network is rolled out they will be moving on to LTE. Now that is some exciting news.

Are you a Three customer? Let us know how excited you are about getting up to 42.2mbps speed on your Android phone.

Via: Three UK