Three UK release

This document shows release dates for two upcoming devices, but something seems off about it.

Android users in the UK are set for a treat this fall. An anonymous tipster, who claims to work for UK carrier Three UK, has passed along a screenshot regarding device release dates. The picture, believed to be internal documentation from Three, shows the release dates for two highly anticipated devices: the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z1.

The Note 3 is arriving on Three September 16th, while the Z1 (Honami) is set to arrive on September 24th, according to the document. Both devices show the announcement date of September 4 at IFA, hinting that employees should not be discussing the news with customers or, you know, sending screenshots to Engadget.

The screenshot also shows The Sony Xperia Z Ultra arriving on September 9th, which is contradictory to news we’ve heard. While the Three UK site readily notes in a June press release that the Xperia Z Ultra is coming, no date was given at the time (or since). All indications are that the Xperia Z Ultra will begin shipping to UK customers on September 6th, but not via Three at that time.

The screenshot is also a really crude document, and shows no signs of actually being a Three UK internal document. We’ve reached out to Three UK for comment, and will update you should we hear back from them.

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