If you own an Android device, chances are you’re always looking for the latest and greatest applications out there on the vast Android Market. For this week, I have three great recommendations–and all free from the Android Market. One makes your Craiglist ads-browsing life easier. The second keeps you up-to-speed on the latest news and scores in your favorite sport. And, the third provides quick shortcuts to your favorite Android apps installed on your device. As a bonus, I’ve included video reviews for the apps, so make sure you check them out.

Craigslist (Free)

The Craigslist Mobile app for Android makes browsing through Craigslist.org much easier on your Android device. In some cases, the app actually provides a much better experience than the Web-based interface–from a visual standpoint, that is. The app shows picture previews within the list of products by default, whereas the website does not. The app also has a very nice color theme and is well-organized. The Web-based Craigslist site, on the other hand, has a boring (as far as my visual preferences are concerned) theme of one or two colors.

The only downside to the application is the fact that the search settings don’t change to accommodate the given category you select to search through. Apart from that, I have to give credit to the developers of this app for doing a fantastic job. The overall experience of this app is outstanding.

Score Mobile (Free)

If you’re anything like me, you’re bound to have a favorite sport or two that you like to follow. The ScoreMobile App for Android will feed the sports fan within you. It helps you stay up-to-date with the latest news on every sport you can think of. From NFL football to ICC cricket, this app has you covered.

You can go through news, standings, and statistics, and even see video updates on this app. The app has never given me problems and shows little to no lag. Overall, the experience is fantastic and I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys staying updated with any sport.

SwipePad (Free)

An application that takes multitasking on Android to a whole new level, SwipePad gives you the ability to jump to a list of 12 applications you choose at any given time. SwipePad gives you the option to choose 12 apps that you wish to be able to launch at any time. It takes away the process of having to go from one app to the home screen to the app drawer then to selecting the app. Quite a laborious process, eh? When you have SwipePad installed on your phone, you can play, for instance, a word on scrabble and then immediately swipe your finger across the corner of your phone’s screen to open Google+.

This application is flawless. I never experienced any lag with it. Being easy to use and improving your Android experience, this is one app that I’d recommend. It’s one of the better apps I’ve come across that have made my Android life much more convenient.

What similar apps would you recommend to your family, friends, and colleagues?

Vinny Marino
Vinny, is a huge mobile technology enthusiast. He is constantly reading up on the latest Android news. Vinny also enjoy's what he does here, making stellar app, game and custom rom video reviews, as well as creating some great how to video's. While Vinny isn't all wrapped up in android he enjoys rooting on his favorite football team on Tv.