Earlier today we reported on the official unveiling of the mystery Motorola phone previously known as the Zeppelin.  Now being called the CLIQ XT/Quench, Engadget has been lovely enough to shoot a video for us on the new device.  Showing off Motoblur, which seems to be a love/hate relationship with users right now the phone has a solid look to it and interchangeable backs allowing for user customization.  The screen looks very responsive and the OS is running seen running smoothly.

A detail previously unknown is that the device comes preloaded with Swype text input which is a fantastic feature allowing users to draw lines to each key instead of tapping each individual key.  It looks like Swype is really picking up momentum in terms of being loaded on devices straight out of the box.  Enjoy the video after the jump as it should hold you over until this device is launched on T-Mobile sometime next month in the United States.

[via Engadget]