So you say you like Android? You like to collect robot figurines? Well, fellow Android enthusiast, you’re in good company with Dyzplastic, maker of Android figurines worldwide. The company’s third series is due starting next week via Dead Zebra.

You have to admit, the logo for Android is a cute little fella, and a few of us out there have gone completely nuts. Some of us have stickers on our vehicles, little robots pervading our desks like Christmas fare year round, and even Android inspired clothes. For those I just mentioned, the idea of having another little lovepiece for public view is no big deal. In fact, it may be a source of pride!

Here’s what you’re looking at for the 3rd series:

As you can see the clear Android has a little Android inside. The well-crafted and articulated head, arms and feet can be twisted to have the figurine sit up, prop up against a cubicle wall or lay down on a vehicle dash. Really, the possibilities to place it are endless. The clear model comes at a 1/16 ratio while the red model has a 2/16 scale.

As far as where to go besides Dead Zebra, you should be able to find them at the same place you pick up other collectibles, toys or comics. As for dates, if you order online, shipments are planned to go out on the 26th, and if you buy at a physical retail store, the 24th is your best bet for getting your Android collectible fix.

How many of you are planning to buy these little cuties? If so, have you bought any from the other two series?