Just after Google and Samsung took center stage to release Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus, Andy Rubin took a stroll up the road to AsiaD. The topic of discussion covered many things, but the thing that stuck out most to us was the conversation about how many Android tablets have been sold so far.

Not long ago, Android tablets were Froyo based. Now, the best Android tablets feature Honeycomb. Since the release of Honeycomb, Android tablets have become much more popular since their early days, and have a good reason to be – they have their own tablet operating system. However, Walt Mossberg was not as pleased with the amount of Android tablets that have been sold so far.

When asked by Walt Mossberg why Android tablets have “completely flopped” in the marketplace, Andy Rubin, Senior VP of Mobile at Google, told the audience at AsiaD that there are around “6 million Android tablets out there” running Google services. ”It’s not 30 million,” Rubin said, but it’s a “healthy” start.

Although Android tablet sales are clearly not as big as iPad sales, they are surely not a flop. The definition of flop, in the Android market, is “HP Touchpad”. Maybe even “Blackberry Playbook”.

Source: This is My Next

Matthew Sabatini
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