Great news Android Tablet Honeycomb followers. We’ve just received official word from Samsung that their tablets will be available on the North American market as early as June 8th, 2011.

Many have been waiting for these tablets, as they are currently the thinnest and lightest in the world.

The price for both the products will vary according to how much memory they have on-board. The 16GB version of the 10.1-inch device is $499, and the 32GB at $599. The 8.9-inch will cost you $469 for the 16GB version and $569 for the 32GB variant.


The tablets both run on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and will be the first to support Samsung’s new TouchWiz UI for tablets. This feature includes a live panel that can be customized with different content, such as bookmarks, social feeds, and a lot of other cool stuff.  There’s also an application tray that gives access to the most commonly used apps which is always handy.

Both devices have a main rear camera with auto focus and an LED flash, as well front 2MP camera for video chatting. Both have Wi-Fi, USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity. Like most Android Honeycomb tablets, both feature NVidia’s dual core Tegra 2 processor clocked at 1 GHz, and have DDR2 based RAM on board. Plus, these devices are going to be 4G capable, with HSPA+ inside. Very cool! Of course, with this kind of hardware, both will have no problems with Flash, and will have (near) full web rendering capabilities.

Samsung is really stepping it’s game up. It’s currently releasing the iPhone Killer, the Samsung Galaxy S II, and is set to release these mouth-watering, wafer thin tablets shortly. With these two tablets, the iPad 2 will actually have some competition. With both tablets thinner than the iPad 2, with better cameras on board, and with potentially longer battery life – not to mention they are cheaper and more feature packed – might actually have the potential to bring some competition to apple iPad 2.

So really, we know you want an Android tablet – the real question is – which one? Has Samsung hit this one out of the park?

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