Oh yeah! Things are really starting to heat up in the Android Superphone Wars of 2011. The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II , powered by a Samsung built 1.2GHz  Exynos dual-core processor, breathlessly broke the 3,000 mark on Quadrant. While it should be known that these numbers are preliminary, and Quadrant scores themselves for dual-core devices are still a subject of debate, it is looking like the Galaxy S II has the hot hardware to beat the Atrix, G2x, EVO 3D, Optimus 3D, or virtually any other phone you can think of.

Samsung is not messing around, and reacted rather quickly (back in February) to the LG Optimus 3D’s excellent performance by raising the clock speed from 1Ghz to 1.2Ghz on the Galaxy S II. As a leader in semiconductors, Samsung has an excellent reputation for making some of the best mobile processors  in the world.

Samsung’s Galaxy S held the performance crown for a long time, and it looks like Samsung isn’t willing to let it go without a serious fight. Either way, stay tuned for the latest details on everything that matters to the world of Android here at Android Authority!

Also, here’s a great breakdown of where the phones and other devices stand next to each other, in terms of performance. Keep in mind that the tablets featured here have a significant higher pixel count, and as such have a harder time with the benchmarks. Also, these benchmarks were created way back in February, and so the picture has only improved for the Samsung Galaxy S II. Either way, good to have an idea of whole picture!

Via: Twitpic, Benchmarks courtesy of Anandtech