Fresh off the desk of the Engadget defectors, This is My Next, is something that looks to be pretty amazing. Dubbed the WIMM One, it’s a modular postage stamp-sized component that is powered by Android (2.1 now, 2.3 to come), and looks to have a ton of potential. Created by WIMM Labs and everyone’s favorite electronics manufacturer, Foxconn, the Wimm One is currently going on sale to developers so that they can get their creatives drives all fired up, and start creating amazing apps for what is looking to be a very hot next item to have. 

While only a tiny one-inch in size, it features a square transflective TFT display with a 160 x 160 resolution that can be read in sunlight. Although the screen itself is glossy and backlit, it still has the ability to be put into a reflective mode by conveniently sliding two fingers across the display.

Thankfully, the design team behind the Wimm One had the foresight to make it water resistant as well. Internally, there’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, as well as a magnetometer, accelerometer, and vibrate motor, which means lots and lots of potential down the road.

So, why is this important, and what could it be used for? Probably the most realistic scenario would be for phone integration. It can be paired with an Android phone via bluetooth or Wifi, and receive emails, SMS’, and more. Really though, anything goes, and it’s going to be up to the creative minds of the developers who are acquiring it as I write this.

Any takers? Could you see yourself getting one of these?

Via ThisIsMyNext

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