You might associate the White House with Obama right now, since he’s the president and all, but it doesn’t matter whether you’re an Obama supporter or not (he actually joined Google+ last November), because this is about the institution itself. It means future presidents and their administrations will keep using it, too.

So this is a big deal for Google+ because it makes it “official” that Google+ is a social network that is here to stay. If the Government institutions themselves start using Google+, then that can only be a good thing for Google+ because more people will hear about it and will have to interact with it.

It seems that besides posting news, photos and videos, the White House is very interested in using it for hosting public Hangouts between the administration officials and policy experts, instead of meeting in person all the time. That could help cut down costs, but also eliminate some of the time-wasting in setting up the meetings. Hangouts have been one of the most unique features of Google+, and it has made Google+ wanted by institutions and enterprises because it can be a great collaboration tool between people around the world.

President Obama will start his first Hangout tomorrow at 9PM Eastern, for his State of the Union address, and it will be streamed live. While right now his address will be transmitted on both Youtube and the mainstream media, you could see how in the near future, politicians who aren’t getting a lot of attention from the media, could completely bypass it by holding their own Hangouts online, and make them go viral.

I believe that’s the future of political campaigns, especially if the media keeps favoring either some of the candidates from the 2 main parties, or they just completely ignore anyone outside the 2 party system.