picture-3Most of us are still reading about Cupcake and haven’t even had a chance to taste Google’s latest offering first hand.

A chap called Haykuro has hacked the latest build of Android meant for the HTC Hero and released a video of his latest spoils. Don’t ask us how he manages to get his hands on these exclusive items, nor how he manages to remain alive and out of sight from the Google agents who are undoubtedly trying to track him down and neutralize him. Perhaps he has family ties, who knows.

The video shows a rather good-looking Android build designed for the upcoming phone code-named the HTC Hero. It would appear as though push-email may be supported (HTC synch) and there is also a new-and-improved music player. There is not much else to say apart from, sit back and enjoy.  Video after the jump!

Update: Initially we referred to the Hero’s OS build as Donut (Android 2.0).  That, however, was incorrect.  Sorry for the confusion.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.