Jumptap recently released the findings of its mobile OS research based on state location, and surprise, surprise! If the whole country votes on the number 1 OS in the United States this July, Android will definitely rule over Apple iOS and Blackberry.

The color coded map in Yellow, Blue, Gray, and Checks reveals an over-all North vs South sentiment in terms of iOS and Android use. The latter’s loyalists are obviously in South and Southwest states– California, Texas, and Florida even over-indexed for Android use. Apple fans in New England and the Midwest over-indexed for iOS use, with Northeast and Midwest states as their bail wicks. Not pictured are Hawaii, another iOS-loyal state, and Alaska, a toss for both Android and Apple.

Jumptap further breaks down the stats in the state of California, which over-indexed in favor of Android. Here, a number of cities are still leaning towards iOS, like San Francisco, San Jose, Modesto, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Chico, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, and Napa. Android cities are Sacramento, Visalia, and Redding, while it is a tie on San Diego, Los Angeles, and Riverside.

Another note-worthy detail is Blackberry’s steady following in more than 5 states, including New York, despite its dropping mobile device share in the United States for the past months.

The results of the study are not reflective of any market share; rather, it was from the data of 83 million users subscribed to and included in the network of Jumptap, the US leader in targeted mobile advertising.

To download the full report for July 2011, click here.

via Mashable