Devices nowadays have transitioned from using nickel-based batteries, to lithium ion batteries in the past few years. Until now, myths associated with batteries are yet to be disproved however, there are studies and experiments proving that some of them aren’t entirely true. While nickel based batteries indeed have their own problems back then, lithium ion batteries, which is commonly used to power up laptops, cameras, and phones to name a few, are always filled with myths that most techie people still believe in.

Below are the three battery myths that have already been disproved.

MYTH NO. 1: New batteries need an initial overnight charge

This is one of the most untrue myths about lithium ion batteries that a lot of people believe in. When opening a newly purchased device, you DO NOT need to fully charge it initially. Although there are benefits offered by doing so, initial charging or ‘priming’ does not affect the battery life in any way.

Manufacturers strongly suggest users to do this so that the battery will be properly calibrated and the power indicator will display the accurate battery life of the device. However, there is no need to worry about using your gadget fresh out of the box because even if the calibration is incorrect, which rarely happens, it will fix by itself over time.

MYTH NO. 2: Overcharging your lithium ion battery will reduce its battery life 

One of the most common myths that we have heard about lithium ion batteries would be the need to plug it from its charger after being fully charged, since overcharging the battery/device will reduce its battery life. The truth is, lithium ion batteries cannot be overcharged or can be reduced of its battery life through overcharging. What’s good about these batteries is that that already have built-in circuits that will cut off the power once it has been fully charged.

However, it is a good idea to unplug or remove the battery once it has done charging because the heat from poor ventilation or from charging will cause it to blow up. Another reason why this is an important note worth remembering is that batteries discharge faster when heated thus, reducing its lifespan.

MYTH NO. 3: You can calibrate your Lithium Ion battery every once in a while

Some of the rechargeable batteries being used today have a battery memory. Some batteries will slowly lose their maximum capacity if you fail to completely discharge it plugging it in. Hence, recharging it while it is still 40% charged will mark it as the new 0%, which gives you lesser capacity for your battery. However, this only applies to technologies applied in older batteries but isn’t applicable to today’s lithium-ion batteries.

What you have read above hopefully in one way or another, eased your worries about decreasing your battery’s lifespan.

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