Samsung Continuum

Samsung Continuum

OK, so let’s cut right to the chase. This phone is different because it offers a secondary forward facing display directly below the standard 3.5-inch (or there abouts) AMOLED touchscreen. Apparently this display does not require the phone to be fully powered on to function, which makes it perfect as a display for use while you’re sleeping. This secondary display is running by the name of ‘ticker’ at the moment, which makes sense because it acts like one.

According to Android Central, who broke the news on this device recently, “you add feeds to it when you do the initial setup on the phone. There you add items such as news, RSS feeds, your e-mail accounts, Facebook, weather — and it’ll serve as a music app controller, too. You move through the different configurations by swiping left and right through them.”

It would seem as though there could be a growing trend for companies to try and give us the vital information we need from our phones without us having to use the big screen. Indeed, we recently reported how Motorola are doing something in a similar ball park depending on how you think about things. The real benefit to both of these options is saving battery life. The 4-inch display on my Galaxy S  takes around 70% of the juice, even when the brightness is turned way down. Since technology has progressed at a remarkable rate in the smartphone space over the last couple of years, it makes sense to try and address an issue such as battery life, where the technology has remained pretty flat.

The other thing to note is that this device is using Bing instead of Google for the search. I would strongly recommend checking out the full article!

[Source: Android Central]

James Tromans
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