Adobe is causing quite a commotion among Android lovers with its soon-to-be-launched app, the Adobe Photoshop Touch. Its availability will give consumers the chance to enjoy the power of Photoshop anywhere they go.

The features that are to be offered by the app make it one of the most awaited and coolest tablet tool this year. The app will be officially available in the Android Market this November. Although that will be a few weeks before it will be available for Android devices, the software is already polished and easy to navigate, works perfectly, and powerful enough to give almost the same results as that of the computer program.

The Adobe Photoshop Touch was demonstrated using a prototype from Samsung, which is built with a new pen technology. This is a breath of fresh air for tablet lovers. The pressure sensitive pen will allow users to draw, use the airbrush, erase and even choose colors easily. However, there are no confirmation reports whether this device will make it to the market or not.


Adobe Photoshop Touch will be available in November for 9.99 USD. The app will allow you to view, share and transfer files thru Adobe Creative Cloud, which is included in each Adobe Touch App. Those who want to experience its full capabilities however, would need to purchase the program separately.

The company is expected to announce its availability for iOS early next year. Maybe by that time, the Adobe Touch for Android devices will have additional features, making it the preferred choice by tablet lovers.

via Droidlife