Here’s something to amuse you or to think about for the weekend–“The Phony War”–a short promotional clip produced by, which released the clip together with its Android and iPhone apps just this week.   The producer intended the clip to be its statement of “neutrality on the subject” (of Android versus iPhone), as well as a “message of hope for world peace and more understanding among fans.”

Can you point out or see the references to other movies? Star Wars? Braveheart? Ghost? Titanic? Transformers?

I certainly appreciated the creative use of “phony” as a pun and a double-meaning word in the title. Did you, too? Is the war between Android and the iPhone really not just “phony” (in the sense of phones) but also phony (in the sense of bogus)?

Do you think such a ceasefire is possible? And, do you think love/romance can sprout out of the blood-soaked killing fields? Anyone entertaining the possibility of a Google Nexus iPrime?