The Other Brothers-Sewer

In the works for some time, The Other Brothers have yet to make their debut. That could change soon, as the game is now reported to make an appearance on the popular OUYA console. For those of you keeping tabs, that device ships to stores on June 4th.

The Other Brothers is often compared to Mario Bros., as two plumbers are dead-set on saving a damsel in distress. It’s a very straight-forward side-scrolling game with both horizontal and vertical play. The graphics fondly remind us of games we used to play at places called arcades, where we had to carry around rolls of quarters and mindlessly feed giant machines to be able to play games. Oh, you kids and your new-fangled handheld gaming devices, I swear!

Droid Gamers reports the development team behind The Other Brothers has said the game will be available when OUYA is, but no specific date has been given. After seeing the video below, we think the console is a perfect place for a game like The Other Brothers. A game with that much going on is best played with a controller. We didn’t need another reason to want OUYA, but we got one!