According to data gathered by comScore, Android was able to maintain its current top spot as the number one smartphone OS in the United States. Ever since November 2011, almost 46.9% of smartphone users in the US were using Android operating systems. This is a 3.1% improvement from its earlier rating from three months before. Indeed, this goes to show that Android has overtaken the popularity of Apple’s iOS in the smartphone industry, having only 28.7%. Third on the spot was Microsoft’s Windows Phone (5.2%) and followed by Symbian (1.5%).

After device activations surging over 300% during the holidays, it can only be expected that the market share between Android and iOS will continue to rise post Christmas. As we earlier reported, there were almost 1.5 million iPhones and Android devices daily activations from Dec. 1-20. But during Christmas day, the number jumped to a shocking 6.8 million devices.

Adding to the information gathered, the title for the top smartphone manufacturer was given to Samsung for having a total of 25.6% in its U.S. market. This was followed by LG and Motorola (respectively). On the fourth spot is Apple, having only 11.2%; while the last spot belonged to RIM, having 6.5%. Earlier, Samsung reported that they were able to sell over 300 million handsets in 2011. This is a milestone for the company who was able to reach this number for the first time.

Another data collected by comScore is the most popular activity people did on their smartphones, which is texting. Out of the 30,000 individuals tallied, 72.6% reported that they used their smartphones to send text messages. The next thing people did on their devices was to download apps (44.9%) and use their browser (44.4%).

Meanwhile, the most recent version of Android, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, has already been released along with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. There are plans being made by other handset makers to include ICS OS into their devices, however, an exact date is still in the works.