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The new look of StumbleUpon for Android

April 18, 2012
StumbleUpon is a free web service that has been around for several years now. The idea behind it is wonderful. Users find interesting things on the web and can quickly save it to a category of interest. For example, if you were to find an article on “Three amazing Android keyboards“, it would be saved to ‘Android’. Then, when another user browses the ‘Android’ interest, that article will eventually come around along with others for the user to read and enjoy. If you are a fan of Reddit, think of it as Reddit Roulette. StumbleUpon Inc. released their first Android application two years ago and though it was very barebones, it fulfilled its job. Now, they have made the original application look shameful in comparison to their latest, brand spankin’ new release.

The new look

So let’s take a look at the new application. I’ve taken a couple of screenshots of the application running on a tablet, and I’m sure you’ll agree that it looks lovely. The new layout makes stumbling by category easier than ever. The search box in the upper right allows you to browse new categories too, and add them to your existing Interests list.

The screenshot below is an example of what websites look like once you stumble onto them. StumbleUpon uses a simplistic browser to render the websites and allows you to rate the page or continue stumbling with their toolbar at the top of the screen. For regular Stumblers who use their computers, this toolbar is familiar to you. For everyone else, the toolbar stays on the screen at all times, so you can ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ a page, share it with others, and quickly continue stumbling your interests.

On phones

The images I have shown you so far have come from my tablet. So let me give you some screenshots and an overview of how it looks on smartphones too! The application is much the same as the tablet version, just shrunken down. The same attractive landing page for browsing interests is available. So is the toolbar for sharing and stumbling, which follows you around and doesn’t really get in the way of reading.

Final thoughts

I think the StumbleUpon team have done a great job with their new application. They’ve made it easier than ever to Stumble on a mobile device. The application is attractive and works well. So for an application rating, StumbleUpon for Android gets 9/10.

Any thoughts? Fan of StumbleUpon? How about Reddit? Any Pinterest folks out there? How do you find epic, interesting content?