The Android Market has been lagging behind Apple’s own App Store for quite sometime and one pain point for it was that it was difficult to find new and worthy apps from the get go. That is all changing.

The Market already has 200,000 apps in it and counting and has enjoyed 4.5 billion installations already. With this, Google introduced a few new tweaks to help Android lovers discover apps more easily. First is the new top app charts which shows the top new paid, top new free and top all-time apps.

They also introduced a few choice picks, curated by the Market staff. On top of those, the new Market is also highlighting a few notable developers and their apps as well as recommending apps that go well with the one you just installed. For example if you bought a grocery list app, it would also recommend a coupon serving app alongside it.

Finally, the Market is also implementing its own trending apps section so you can stay up to date on the pulse of Android.

The Market is also going to be letting loose on its size requirements so devs with apps as chunky as 4GB can release their hefty apps to the wild. Does this mean Android can bite out a big slice of Apple’s mobile gaming cake since bigger and classier apps can now grace our devices? We hope so.

Also developers can now exclude certain devices from their apps so that users can get the best experience for that app.

The biggest one that seems to have the most impact to me is that the Android Market is opening the gates for paid apps to 99 more countries within the next week or so. My country alas was one of those that only had access to free apps but when I made a test buy a while ago, lo and behold I was able to purchase a paid app already! So if you’re one of the luckier countries to get this update, go whip out your credit card and try buying those apps you really wanted now. I’ll go and support my favorite devs right now.

via TC