According to an article from PC World, mobile developer Tim Novikoff submitted his Flash of Genius application to Apple’s App Store and mentioned his application’s success as a finalist in Google’s Android Developer Challenge within the application’s description. Much to his surprise, the mere mention of this achievement elicited the following response from Apple:

“During our review of your application, we found that your application contains inappropriate or irrelevant platform information in the Application Description and/or Release Notes sections.

“While your application has not been rejected, it would be appropriate to remove ‘Finalist in Google’s Android Developer’s Challenge!’ from the Application Description.

“Please log into iTunes Connect to make appropriate changes to the Application Description now to avoid an interruption in the availability of Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab 2.2 on the iPhone App Store.”

This issue goes beyond the simple wording within an application’s description and reflects the growing tension between Apple and Google as the competition between the two mobile platforms begins to heat up.

[via Mobile Burn]