Two weeks ago, Andy Rubin, Senior VP and “father of Android,” revealed in Twitter that there were 500,000 Android devices activated everyday. Now, those numbers are merely history: it is now 550,000 devices activated daily, according to Google CEO Larry Page himself. Back in May, the numbers were 400,000 daily. That is really an amazing feat, considering the jump after fourteen days. Furthermore, the rate of device activation for Android is now at 4.4 percent each week, and the growth is not steady, but apparently exponential.

If the growth rate will remain the same for quite some time, by October, Google would have activated over a million Android devices which would be a solid proof of the rise and dominance of mobile OS. Of course, device activations might even grow faster than expected, thanks to the number of Android smartphones and tablets outdating and updating one another, entry of less expensive and more competitive choices in the market, and the continuous improvement of the operating system itself.

Barely a year ago, in August 2010, the number of Android devices activated was just about 200,000 daily. The number has nearly tripled ever since. The Android Market has also grown amazingly, now with 250,000 apps with over 6 billion downloads– the number of apps more than doubled in one year since its 100,000 apps in October 2010.

Google is definitely in a roll this week. Its social network Google+ has reached 10 million users in just two weeks of limited membership, and it has revealed a revenue of $9 billion for just the past quarter.

via MobileBeat

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