Model at the Magic launch in NZ

Model at the Magic launch in NZ, from

In an interesting turn of events, Vodafone New Zealand appear to have pulled the HTC Magic ‘with Google’ from their website. The omission was first spotted by blogger Ben Gracewood, who states in no uncertain terms “Vodafone NZ has completely removed the HTC Magic from sale in New Zealand. They’ve removed all mention of it from their website, and removed existing stock from store shelves.”

According to the New Zealand Herald, recent calls to Vodafone about the HTC Magic elicited a response along the lines of ‘the phone can be bought for $1099 NZD, but there are none in stock and it is not clear when it will again become available.’

The official response form Paul Brisien said that missing phone was down to a “commercial issue that Vodafone is having … We are working to resolve it”.

The phone was launched very recently at the Rendezvous Hotel last week with a number of celebrities in attendance. At the moment it is not clear as to why the Android device has been cut. Interestingly, however, Ben Gracewood also notes on his blog that Vodafone PR requested he removed some of the photos from his blog. The two issues may or may not be related, but the coincidence is uncanny. Perhaps Google are being funny about the use of their Trademark?

We’ll keep you posted.

James Tromans

Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.