‘This Week in Android’ have performed a video conference interview with planetbeing, aka David Wang. David produced the Android port to the iPhone 3G. The video itself is about 1 hour long but the interview stretches for only nine minutes, starting at around 23:00. They cover some interesting stuff, and here are the highlights.

The decision to port Android to the iPhone actually started around the choice to port Linux. Back when the project started, the Android source code was not even officially available for release. You might be wondering where David acquired all the relevant skills to do this job? Well, he is part of the iPhone Dev team, doing a lot of jail breaking and unlocks.

“When you port linux to something you are pretty much demonstrating complete ownership of the device …”Most of us buy devices and we have no idea how or why they work and to me that is not a level of ownership that I find completely satisfactory.”

Once Linux was ported to the iPhone, Android was ‘not a big deal’. David is responsible for 95% of the code but had some ‘enourmous’ help with some important parts (accouting for the other 5%). The whole thing from start to finish to get Android working on the iPhone 2G took from May 2008 to May 2010, of which David was only making active updates over an 8 month period in his spare time. The Android port to the iPhone 3G port only took a couple of weeks on top of this. For more information about the Android port and to see the entire video, jump!

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.