img class="alignright size-thumbnail wp-image-131" src="https://cdn57.androidauthority.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/android_logo_big.thumbnail.png" alt="Google Android Logo" width="150" height="145" />Rumors out of Gizmodo suggest that the Google phone is a real, honest to goodness phone. According to a trusted but anonymous source, a Google-branded handset running a not-yet-seen build of Android is in the early prototype stage. These early prototypes, which feature large LCD displays, are expected to be disseminated over the next few weeks to employees at Google’s Mountain View campus. To add mystery and intrigue to the rumor, the source claims that the version of Android that we are rocking on our phones  is not the “real” Android. If what we have currently is not the “real” Android, wonder what is?