Talking about free Android Apps, here are some of the freshest free apps that will surely bring excitement to your smartphone!

HBO GO (Free)

Do you love watching HBO? Do you want movies on the go? If so, then you must have HBO Go!

HBO GO is a new video-streaming app from HBO that allows you to access all of their programming while on the go with an Android phone or device. The app will enable you to build a watch list of your favorite shows and will also load new episodes of series you choose automatically.

The app is free however you must be an HBO subscriber to have access to the shows.

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Word Maestro (Free)

Playing scrabble is fun, isn’t it? Bottom line – If you love to play scrabble, then download this free app right now.

This word app is a sure way to improve your Scrabble game. Key in any set of scrambled letters and this app will unscramble them and tell you the word score in Scrabble. Rank the words by highest score or by number of letters used.

Also, this app can be utilized to unscramble any anagram. Cool!

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Ninja Arbitrator (Free)

Ninjas are not only born to kill, they can also be helpful too. If you are feeling indecisive, ask a ninja.

Ninja Arbitrator cuts to the resolution of any choice: Where to go out tonight, what to have for dinner, or what to do with the rest of your life. Just enter in your many choices – the ninja doesn’t care what the actual question is – then press “Ask the Ninja.”

With a dramatic slice through the uncertainty, ninja will choose for you.

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