enoturage-edgeDual-screen devices seem to be on the upswing with Spring Design’s Alex e-book reader, Asus’ Eee-book reader, and the concept Microsoft Courier getting some press recently. Recently brought to our attention is another one of these novel devices, the enTourage eDGge – a dual-touchscreen device that is both an e-reader and a netbook. The enTourage’s most striking feature is its dual display, which is comprised of a 9.7 inch e-ink display with 1200 x 825 resolution and 16 shades of grey and a 10.1 inch color LCD with 1024 x 600 resolution. The e-reader side of the device supports ePub and PDF file formats and allows users to takes notes or create drawings using either the onscreen keyboard or a stylus. The computer side of the eDGe is a full-fledged netbook that runs the Android OS. It features a web browser, a media player, an audio/video recorder, email, and a full suite of PIM applications. Any application that it lacks can be downloaded as it is powered by Android. For wireless connectivity, the eDGe includes WiFi, Bluetooth, and optional HSDPA/EV-DO. The eDGe is expected to be available in February 2010, with pre-orders for $490 being accepted now. Full-size picture after the break.