In a nutshell, it is simply Dropbox reinvented to suit the growing needs of the Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) community. You can now seamlessly (and remotely) manage and access all of your DS Audio, DS Photo+ and DS Cam app files even when you’re on the go, thanks to the newly released DS File especially designed for the savvy Android phone user.

The DS File enables Synology NAS users to remotely access DiskStation files as well as download files directly to their Android phones (given that the DiskStation Manager version is 3.0 or above). It likewise allows users to directly transfer files stored in Android phones via an HTTPS connection.

DS File makes remotely deleting, copying, moving and renaming DiskStation files pretty easy. Users are likewise given the option of creating sub-shared folders for new uploads. And to add to the list, even when there is no available internet connection, Synology NAS users can still productively view, skim through, browse and review downloaded files in offline mode.

Seems like those months spent petitioning for an Android-supported file management tool to compliment DS apps such as DS Audio and DS Cam were not all in vain. Synology Network Attached Storage users’ fastidious cries have finally been answered with the newly released DS File, and our hopes are high that this long-awaited remote file management tool will indeed live up to everybody’s expectations.

Visit the AppBrain website to install and/or check out the newly-released DS File.