NVIDIA has been doing an admirable job keeping gamers abreast on its upcoming gaming console, Project Shield. Every week or so, the chip maker demos various graphics-intensive games running on the Shield to try and convince buyers that the console will be worth the hype.

The latest title that has been given the Project Shield treatment is a game that started its life on the Nintendo Wii, but finally found its way to Google Play last week – The Conduit HD. It’s a fast-paced FPS featuring stellar graphics and advanced physics.

With the Tegra 3 version already impressive as it is, how does the game run on the new console? From the explanation, the Project Shield-optimized version will come with enhanced polygon counts and lighting, more special effects, and better textures. Having all those physical buttons and controls certainly help make for a more enjoyable gaming experience as well.

If you’re curious, press play on the live demo video that we’ve embedded above.

The Project Shield, which is equipped with a Tegra 4 mobile processor, will only be launched this September – no thanks to the delay in the manufacturing process of the Cortex A15-based CPU.

What do you think of the demo? Planning to set aside some cash to get the Project Shield?