The best part of having an Android powered device is that you have access to so many different applications that have been designed to improve your productivity. The Android market is full of such applications and unlike applications for the iOS, most of the Android apps are free. Some apps have been designed to save you time, while others have been designed to minimize stress. Either way, both things are good in our camp, and we suggest you try a few of the ones we look at below to see if they make a difference towards how productive you are. The Android Market is full of apps created to increase your productivity. Of course you won’t mind saving a few minutes when you have your entire day packed with work and errands (Yes, your Android device can actually save you a lot of time).  Android Authority brings you some of the most productive Android apps available now.

1. Quick Office Pro

Today, an office suite has become a necessity rather than a need. One can hardly mention the word productivity without thinking of being able to access and edit documents while on the move. Plus, it’s hugely helpful for pretty much whatever line of work you happen to be in, especially given the fast pace of todays society. Quick Office Pro lets you do exactly that, and is, by far, the Office Suite of choice for Android devices. The app lets users do all their word processing, spreadsheet manipulation, Powerpoint, and PDF viewing on their Android devices very efficiently and easily. Basically users can use their Android devices to do everything a normal PC would do in Microsoft Office, Open Office or any other serious office suite.

The app is coming at an intro price of 7.99$, while the actual android market price is 19.99$.

Download Quick Office Pro

2. RealCalc

RealCalc can be really helpful whenever you to need to make some quick calculations. It’s quite helpful and will definitely save you time. Plus, it’s got tons of great formulas on board to figure out the most commonly asked thing. Definitely a huge time  saver, and lets you leave the pen and paper at home. The app looks and operates like the real thing. Some of the features include:

  • Result history
  • Unit conversions
  • Percentages
  • 10 memories
  • Binary, octal, and hexadecimal
  • Trig functions in degrees, radians or grads
  • Scientific, engineering and fixed-point display modes
  • Physical constants table
  • Digit grouping
  • RPN mode
  • Full built-in help

While I don’t even know what half those things do, it’s nice to know that it’s like the TI-83 calculator I used to get through Math in highschool, which I can remember, was capable of some pretty amazing things.

The donate version (which would help in future development) comes with user customizable unit conversions and constant tables.

Download the free version

Download the donate version

3. Camcard

CamCard (Business Card Reader) is an Android based application. It can capture business card images with your Android’s camera, recognize the card’s content, and automatically organize the recognized result as a contact which it then saves into your address book. If you’ve ever been to a tradeshow, conference, or any other la