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The best keyboards for a Mac computer or laptop

Not all keyboards offer a premium Mac experience!
May 19, 2022
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Apple computers are famous for their amazing designs, excellent performance, simple UI, and overall great experience. Their walled garden also comes with some downsides, though, one of them being that picking just any available accessory out there won’t always provide the best experience. In the case of keyboards, you’ll want to get one specifically made for macOS. We’ve put together a dedicated list of the best keyboards for a Mac, to make your search easier. 

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What to look for in the best Mac keyboards

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First things first, we should clarify why you want to get a Mac-specific keyboard instead of just picking from the sea of options made for Windows and other general operating systems. Mostly, this is because of the available buttons and layout Apple uses. Keys like Apple’s Option and Command are not even on Windows keyboards. Sure, there are replacements, and you can always re-map keys, but getting things right requires some research.

Furthermore, button combinations might confuse you. Not to mention features like media keys and other shortcuts usually won’t work cross-platform, so you’ll end up with a very basic keyboard experience if you use a non-Mac keyboard with your Apple computer. 

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Of course, there are other things you want to look out for when finding the best keyboards for a mac. Build quality and design are essential. You’ll probably want your keyboard’s aesthetics to match your Mac device. Maybe you care more for mechanical keys. Or perhaps you want some added features you wouldn’t get with a basic alternative. Of course, price is another vital matter to keep in mind. You’ll also want to make sure the keyboard meets your needs in terms of connectivity; do you prefer wired or wireless? Also, does the manufacturer offer customization software for Macs?

We’ve kept all these considerations in mind when finding the best Mac keyboards available. Let’s get right into the nitty-gritty.

The best keyboards for a Mac:

Editor’s note: We’ll regularly update this list of the best keyboards for Mac as new ones launch.

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad in silver with white keys

Honestly, you can save yourself a lot of headaches if you just get Apple’s official accessories. The wireless Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad works perfectly with any Mac computer. It connects seamlessly, and the experience is just as Apple intended it to be. 

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Compatibility aside, the Magic Keyboard is actually a great device. The thin, metal construction looks and feels great. And while key travel could be better, the scissor mechanism is pretty good considering the small profile this keyboard offers. There’s also backlighting for typing in the dark. Additionally, this version comes with a full numeric keypad, and you can even opt for a version with Touch ID.

Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard in silver with white keys

The numeric keypad on the full-sized Magic Keyboard is excellent, but it can make your Mac keyboard a bit oversized. If you want something smaller and more portable, the base Apple Magic Keyboard is your best bet. It’s pretty much the same as the larger iteration in terms of design, build quality, and features, it’s just smaller. Again, you can get a version with Touch ID, too.

Logitech Solar K750 for Mac

Logitech Solar K750 keyboard in silver with white keys

Apple’s keyboard might be nicer, and the Logitech Solar K750 is getting pretty old by now, but it’s still among the best keyboards for Mac for one exceptional reason. This keyboard can be charged through its solar panels, so you might never have to plug it in or replace its batteries.

Even if you use it in the dark for some time, the battery can last up to three months in total darkness. What’s best is that it doesn’t necessarily need actual sunlight; it also works with indoor lighting. Otherwise, the keyboard offers all Mac keys, comes with a pretty nice design, and works like a charm. 

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One downside is that this keyboard has no Bluetooth support, though you can use the wireless dongle. This is usually not an issue with desktop Macs, but some newer laptops no longer have USB-A ports (only USB-C), so you might need a dongle. 

Logitech MX Keys Advanced

Logitech MX Keys Advanced keyboard in black

Logitech is a huge player in the keyboard market, and their MX series is respected by professionals and enthusiasts alike. These are some of the best computer accessories in the industry, and the Logitech MX Keys Advanced is definitely one of the best keyboards for a Mac. 

It comes with a great metal build, a minimalist design, comfortable concave backlit keys, all kinds of media controls and shortcuts, and the ability to switch between multiple devices with a single press. Another thing that makes this keyboard an enticing option is that it has both Windows and Mac labels for keys, which means you can use it with any computer. The software also works with both Windows and macOS. 

Logitech MX Keys Mini TKL

Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboard in black

The Logitech MX Keys Advanced may be too much for many of you. If you want a more straightforward, smaller keyboard with all the great features Logitech offers, you can go for the MX Keys Mini. It comes without the numeric keypad section and still has all the Mac/Windows buttons, illuminated keys, multi-device compatibility, great metal design, etc.

Logitech K380

Logitech K380 keyboard in white and grey

Sometimes the best keyboards for a Mac aren’t the fanciest, metal, high-end ones that cost a small fortune. You may want something that simply works, and comes with a much friendlier price point. The Logitech K380 is all about finding a balance between price and value. 

This device comes with a plastic build, a simple look, and an overall average experience. This doesn’t mean there aren’t some cool features to be had, though. You still get a Bluetooth connection that can connect and switch between three devices. This keyboard uses AAA batteries, but with up to two years’ battery life, you won’t be switching them all the time.

Logitech POP Keys

Logitech POP Keys in white, yellow, green, and lilac.

This one is a bit of a jewel. I mean, just look at it! It’s clearly for those who want a much more playful and colorful design. That’s hardly what makes it unique, though. This is actually a mechanical keyboard with removable keys. You can switch out emoji keys and play around with what you can input. 

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Otherwise, the Logitech POP Keys is very similar to the K380. It has a similar size, can connect to three devices, comes with a tenkeyless design, and uses batteries. Battery life is estimated at three years, though. 

Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac

Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac in black with red detail

The mechanical keyboard above is really fun, but it by no means looks or feels right in any serious environment. Nor will it perform the same as a proper, professional, mechanical keyboard meant for productivity. If you want mechanical performance, the Das Keyboard 4 Professional is definitely one of the best keyboards for a Mac. 

Das Keyboard may not be as popular a brand, but it’s very well respected in the industry and provides some serious quality. Especially the Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac, which comes with a fantastic aluminum design, your pick between Cherry MX brown and blue switches, media buttons, and even a full-sized volume knob. Additionally, it won’t look out of place in any environment. 

The one downside is that this is the only wired keyboard on this list. We’re sure many of you won’t mind that, though.


Q: Should I upgrade to a mechanical keyboard?

A: Mechanical keyboards offer great spacing, plenty of key travel, reassuring clicky feedback, and stunning durability. Many of these will last for 50 million strokes or more! All that said, they are usually more expensive and should be reserved for people who take their typing more seriously. A mechanical keyboard is a better choice if you’re typing for long periods, or if your job requires using a keyboard constantly. Otherwise, you might be better off with something thinner, lighter, and much less expensive.

Q: Can I use keyboards with multiple computers?

A: In terms of connectivity, you should be able to use any of these keyboards with multiple computers or mobile devices. You’ll have to go through the hassle of connecting to each whenever you want to use it, whether through a cable, dongle, or Bluetooth. 

That said, Logitech has a nice trick up its sleeve, and it works with most of its newest keyboards (and mice).  Logitech Flow allows you to move your mouse and keyboard through multiple computers as if they were multiple monitors on a single computer. This feature is integrated into the software, so it works even if you’re using both Windows and Mac devices.

Q: Is it better to stick with Apple keyboards for Mac?

A: Any keyboard should work well with a Mac, given that it is made for the platform. That said, Apple is known for making better accessories for its own products. These fit right into the Apple ecosystem, ensuring a stable connection, more aesthetically pleasing designs, and the class-leading Apple support everyone loves. Apple’s products are also usually significantly more expensive, though.

Q: Can I use a Windows keyboard with a Mac?

A: Technically speaking, you can. Some things might not work, or need some tinkering, though. For example, it’s common to have issues with media keys when using a Windows keyboard on a Mac. You might also have to remap some keys or remember which keys to use for certain Apple functions. For example, by default, the Windows Ctrl key will usually be Command, and Alt will be Option. Furthermore, you might have to dig deeper to figure out how to use specific shortcuts. 

Q: Can I use any wireless keyboard with a Mac?

A: Yes, again, technically speaking, you can. You can use just about any wireless keyboard with a Mac, but will likely come across some compatibility issues from time to time.