Best Apps of the Month, April 2013 April was an exciting month in the world of Android. We saw some flagship phones get released, we are starting to get more excited about Google I/O 2013, and best of all, winter is over for the Northern Hemisphere. While everyone was out having picnics and enjoying the outdoors, Android app devs were busy making the next wave of great apps. So without further adieu, here are the best apps of the month for the month of April, 2013. As usual, at the bottom, we’ve included our video!

Cut the Candy - best apps of the month

Cut the Rope – Time Travel HD

First on our list on the best apps of the month list is called Cut the Rope – Time Travel HD. This fun little puzzle game revolves around the story of an adorable little green monster who is transported through time. To bring him back, you have to get him some candy!

The game play is pretty simple. You cut ropes and chains, use superpowers, and other in game mechanisms to get the candy to the little monster and his time travel buddy. Instead of the traditional 3-star rating based on score, the 3 stars are actually in the level and you must collect them in order to earn all 3. This is kind of nice as you don’t have to repeat the same level over and over again, wondering what the max score is. I’m underselling this here. This game has a 4.9 rating in the Google Play Store as of this writing. It’s that good. To get it, click the button below!

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Dungeon Hunter 4 - best apps of the month

Dungeon Hunter 4

Next on our best apps of the month list is Dungeon Hunter 4. As the name implies, it’s a dungeon crawling RPG where you hunt things. Also, it’s the 4th one in the series. This one has gone over much better with reviewers tan the previous 3 versions. In fact, some have stated that this is the game that the prior 3 versions should have been.

The graphics are very good, the game play is fun, it starts out quick, and just feels like a good game. You can choose your character class and there are cinematics that are near the standard for mobile games. Also, as all RPGs should have, Dungeon Hunter 4 actually has a decent story line. To check it out, click the button below!

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FL Studio Mobile - best apps of the month

FL Studio Mobile

Fans of FL Studio rejoice because the next app on our best apps of the month list is a mobile version of the popular FL Studio. Called FL Studio Mobile, it’s audio composing software that lets you either put songs together based on samples or let you program, literally, note for note on every instrument to compose your own music. It has a lot of tools, a lot of instruments, and a lot of functionality. This is good because you’ll be asked to fork over $19.99 for it.

There are a few features missing from the desktop version. Including your own samples seems to be giving people problems and some have problems installing it and opening it. These issues aside, you’ll get most of the standard FL Studio experience in mobile form. If you want to grab it up, click the button below.

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the floor escape - best apps of the month

The Floor Escape

Yes, we do have two simple puzzle games on our best apps of the month list. This one, like Cut the Rope above, is extremely popular and very highly rated in the Google Play Store already. The premise of The Floor Escape is you must solve a puzzle to open an elevator to escape to the next floor. What or who you’re escaping from remains a mystery, but it’s a fun little puzzle game nevertheless.

The game does a good job of both not repeating puzzles very often and utilizing as many tools as necessary to construct puzzles. You’ll be tapping, clicking, dragging, tilting, and pretty much everything else an Android phone can do to solve the puzzles. Some of them are kind of tough too. To grab it up from the Play Store, click the button below.

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Iron Man 3 - best apps of the month

Iron Man 3

Well, the world is saturated in Iron Man 3 propaganda and Android is no different. You can already get an Iron Man 3 live wallpaper and Gameloft has released a video game based around the premise of the movie. Unlike a good portion of video games that are based on movies, Iron Man 3 by Gameloft is actually pretty good.

This is a free running game so you’ll essentially just be moving forward the whole time. You use your various Iron Man weapons to kill enemies while tilting your phone to avoid obstacles. It’s very fast paced and has great graphics for a mobile game. The only issues we ran into was the menu was a little laggy, even on our resident app-testing device, the Nexus 4. Tiny issues aside, people seem to really enjoy this game and it’s definitely worth checking out. You can grab it for free in the Play Store using the button below.

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NInja SMS - best apps of the month

Ninja SMS

With the tagline “Text like a Ninja”, we really couldn’t find a reason not to put Ninja SMS on our best apps of the month list. It’s a fairly useful application too and well worth the $1.50 if you text a lot. The only possible negative point is that it could be annoying to people who hate texting.

The app will pop up a window in the middle of the screen whenever someone texts you. It doesn’t close the app you’re in and doesn’t require you to do so. You just tap the window, reply to the text, then go back to what you were doing. This takes substantially less time than closing the app out, opening the text app, replying, then closing the text app and re-opening the app you were in. You can change the themes a little bit but otherwise it’s a fairly simple app. To grab it, check out the button below.

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Split Camera for Instagram - best apps of the month

Split Camera for Instagram

Most would expect a best apps of the month list to include nothing but apps with the greatest graphics. However, sometimes apps are so instantly loved that we are forced to include them. This is the case for Split Camera for Instagram. It’s not the most glamorous app and it doesn’t even have that many features. However, it has half a million downloads and a decent Play Store rating since release.

It’s a pretty fun app to use too. You can essentially take two pictures and combine them into one. The effect being that looks like a side-by-side picture. So you can take a picture of you pretending to hold a gun like a secret agent and then one of you crying because you’re not a secret agent. Then upload it to Instagram. You can also upload to any social network you subscribe to, so it’s not limited to Instagram. Up for taking some pictures that are a little different? Click the button below to get this app.

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Swype - best apps of the month


Now before you take to the comment section to tell us that Swype shouldn’t be on the best apps of the month list because it’s been around for ages, please hear us out. Swype has been included in flagship phone after flagship phone for years. Getting the Swype beta is pretty easy and takes only an email to sign up. Despite being on most smartphones these days, you have to remember something. This month marked the first month where Swype was available in the Google Play Store.

The classic swipe to text keyboard is available on the Google Play Store for merely $.99. This is a great price for perhaps one of the most iconic keyboards every to grace Android. Not a keyboard comes out nowadays that isn’t immediately compared to it and SwiftKey. If you’ve been waiting a long time to pick this up, it’s waiting for you at the Google Play Store. Just click the button below to go get it.

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best apps of the month - leaderboard

Best Apps of the Month Wrap Up

If you take a gander at our leader board, you can see how these apps have stacked up against one another this month. It was a total surprise to use that games like Cut the Rope and The Floor Escape did so well but the ratings system doesn’t lie. They’re really getting 4.9 and 4.8, respectively. Those are impressive numbers for how many downloads these games have. Of course, these are how reviewers in the Google Play Store have rated them. There is no bias on our part.

If you think we’ve missed an app that belongs on this list, feel more than free to comment below to let us know. We’re always happy to hear your input!

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