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The Best Android Tablets of 2011 Compared [Infographic!]

Compare screen size, performance and more
April 5, 2011

We were shocked to find – that out of all the Android sites out there – no one had taken the steps to provide you with a comprehensive, all encompassing, and literally massive spreadsheet detailing all the important specs that go into every one of the top Android tablets being released, or soon hereafter, in 2011.

For the first spec comparison, we put together what we believe are the top 5 Android tablets of 2011: The Motorola Xoom, The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, the LG G-Slate (Optimus Pad), and the Acer Iconia A500.

You will find that while the specs are fairly similar, there are a few important differences between some of the major players that you should know. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 takes the crown for battery life, with a whopping 8600mAh battery. Either way, we worked hard to provide you – loyal Android fans – with the most comprehensive and up to date spec comparison on the best Android tablets of 2011. Also, we’ve provided you with the download links below.

Best Android Tablets of 2011 Compared:

Here you will find the 2nd best contenders, where some of the best deals exist. While still excellent in their own right, like the hack-happy Nook Color, or ever ambitious Notion Ink Adam, we still believe the tablets in the above image are more deserving of the title of “Best Android Tablets of 2011”.

Best Cheap Android Tablets of 2011

Anyway, this is meant to serve as more of a reference for you than anything. Hit us up in the comments if there’s a particular tablet you’d like for us to review, and we’ll track it down for you.

We’d love to hear your thoughts – as always.
Here’s the download links for high quality versions of the spreadsheets – just right click and save away.