It’s hard to believe, but there are now over 163,000 apps in the Android Market. The great thing about Android is that the majority of apps are free, unlike apps for the iPhone. Check out some of the best and freshest apps available for Android below:

App Aware

You like cool Apps right? I mean, your interested in getting the most out of your phone, I take it? That’s probably why you are here – reading the freshest picked, most amazing apps for Android right now! Well, there’s one great app out there called App Aware – that really allows you to take your app seeking to the next level. It constantly scours the marketplace, looking for new fresh apps, positive reviews, and gives you the results – live!

Basically, it allows you to become aware of what is hot on the Android Market, and to find out what apps are trending. Super cool: AppAware shows you see in real-time which apps are installed around the world, like Air Control, Skype and! You can also share what apps you love with your friends via Facebook and other platforms. To make finding the best apps even easier, App Aware organizes apps into different categories. Very cool, and highly recommended if you are always on the hunt.


  • Top and trending apps on Android, organized into categories
  • Apps installed around your location
  • Follow friends’ applications
  • Tagging apps
  • Improved search for apps
  • Trending tags to discover new apps
  • Home screen widget for top apps
  • Share apps on Twitter and Facebook

Download it here


Most of us spend way too much money on our cellphone bill each month. A savvy developer has done the hard work for you, and create an app that track looks through the call logs of your phone, and gives you a great way to look at the information regarding how you use your phone.

Phonalyzr is super cool. It looks at the call logs of your device, and creates a cohesive picture by breaking down the info into relevant parts. Want to know what days and times you use your phone most frequently? What about SMS’? All of this can finally be revealed, and we’re sure this is something the carriers aren’t too happy about.

The beautiful thing is that this app can plot the information easy to understand graphs, and can even export  it to a CSV file on the SD card, allowing you to analyze it yourself later on.

Free  > Martin Drashkov >




SoundCloud is absolutely adored by musicians and music fans alike. Like many popular apps for Android, it has had an iPhone counterpart for a long time too. The app streams tracks to your Android phone, and has a beautiful layout and UI.  It does a great job of displaying nice album art, info regarding the ablum, and has a very cool waveform of the track itself for quick and snappy navigation. Plus it’s got a really easy way to mark the track as a favorite.

Another cool thing about the app is that it supports background playback, so you can enjoy it while getting work done, in the car, and so forth so you never have to miss your beats. Another intelligent feature (especially for musicians) is the function to record anything around you and upload it to SoundCloud. Great for budding musicians, and others inspired by the world all around them .

Download SoundCloud here



Google has provided yet another way to stay organized on and schedule in an increasingly hectic world. Want to get stuff down? Make GTasks a part of your App breakfast every morning, and you will see your productivity increase. While it doesn’t have native support for Android, we still have to recommend it. What it does bes is offer management of multiple types of task lists, the sharing of tasks between parties and people, and convenient notifications for approaching due dates. Top it off with a great widget for quick viewing and creation of tasks, and you’re on point to make your first million, or, er,  get that report done on time.

Free > Dato > Download Here!

SwitchPro Widget


I’m sure we’ve all got the basic, and to be honest, unattractive power control widget that allows us to turn off the Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, screen brightness, etc. Enter a beautiful, simple and fully customisable widget that allows one-touch toggling of most of the important system settings, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, your data connection, airplane mode, silent mode, auto-sync, auto-rotate, and brightness. Even things like screen always on, reloading SD, 3G-2G, battery status, unlock pattern, reboot (rooted phones only), speaker mode, auto-screen lock, mount SD, Wi-Fi hotspot, USB Tether, and even a flashlight can all be controlled and access through this amazing little widget. Highly recommended.

Plus, it’s fully customizable. Things like its appearance, transparency, size, , and  even color are all customizable. You will make it beautiful for you, and we can almost guarantee that you will love it and make it match the overall feel of your homescreen.

US$0.99 > Droid Shogun >