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The ASUS Padfone: Smartphone and Tablet Together At Last! [Updated]

Time will tell how consumers will react
May 30, 2011

[UPDATE: Video below]
Have you ever dreamt of a smartphone and a tablet all in one? Well if you have, your dream has come true!

Recently, a few leaked images of a device you never thought existed, have surfaced. Meet the new ASUS Padfone! The Padfone is a combo of a smartphone (the “fone”) and a tablet (the “Pad”) with a special chamber wherein you can dock the smartphone inside and allow it to be totally consumed by it. See the images for yourself so you can imagine what I am saying.

ASUS’ idea was similar in some regards to that of the Motorola Atrix 4G and its laptop dock accessory, but with a twist. Hopefully, ASUS is equipped to keep the brilliant ideas coming to drive the industry forward, and give us all the tech goodness we crave.

As of this moment, there is no specific information with regards to the hardware inside . However, if we try to compare it with the Eee Pad Transformer, it is easy to assume that the PadFone will have a 10.1-inch screen and similar measurements. Its processor is still unknown but it will, in all likelihood have at least a dual-core processor to sustain the larger tablet display.

As of late, ASUS has chosen NVIDIA Tegra 2 to power the Eee Pad Transformer so it is possible that it will have Tegra 2, too. Nonetheless, ASUS has a good rapport with Qualcomm so it’s not impossible that we can see the next generation Snapdragons, too.

We are patiently awaiting ASUS’ official announcement at their press event to confirm whether or not this will actually come to market. If it did, would you be interested in such a device(s)?

Official word from ASUS at Computex 2011:

The ASUS Padfone is a device that explores one possible convergence between two popular mobile devices – the smartphone and tablet. The Padfone solves the problem of data transfer hassles and multiple SIM cards when both a smartphone and 3G tablet are used. With the Padfone, the smartphone docks inside the tablet to give users an expanded view to suit their tasks. With the phone docked, it can recharge from the tablet’s larger battery and the tablet can also make use of the smartphone’s 3G internet connection. The dual interfaces for both the pad and phone ensure an enhanced user experience as the layout is automatically adjusted for all activities such as video conferencing, web browsing and emailing.

Sounds good to us, but we bet the carriers won’t like it too much. What, wait – we can’t charge our customers three or four different times for data?




Source: PocketNow