Google I/O has kept the hype coming, with its constant attention-grabbing, and we are getting more and more thrilling news as the day goes on.

Since yesterday, they were slightly hesitant to discuss the changes to the Android market. But now, we already know the reason why they are a bit hesitant – they were saving the juice for the following press conference .

The Android market, on smartphones in particular, will be getting a fresh new look that will look a lot like the version featured on Honeycomb tablets and desktops. Google will now use an “Editors’ Choice” badge for apps they consider the finest, safest and most very fun/useful.

For starters, there will be more or less then a dozen additional new categories and filtering options. You will now be able to see current trends, the top new, top free, and top paid apps, and these apps will focus on the popular ones in those respective categories.

Here’s more. Paid apps now are being supported in 99 new countries. It’s a significant development for Google who has been very much scrutinized by both developers and users in this regard. Developers have previously missed out on big chances to make the most of the revenue while users who would choose to get their paid applications from the Android market had no way to do that – until now.

Lastly – I really do not know if this will bring good news or bad news, but Google will not be increasing the 15-minute window if in case there are refunds. There have been a lot of complaints when it comes to this. Unfortunately, they have guaranteed us that the 15 minute mark does not begin until after the application has been completely downloaded and installed. Meaning to say, 30 minute game download does not cut into your 15 minute window.

To all developers and users, do you have any words on this? Hit us up in the comments.

Source: Phandroid