PMP today have picked up news that the AigoPad is likely to run Android as its operating system of choice. The AigoPad tablet is one of the first in what is set to be a long line of tablet based computers in 2010. It comes in the wake of the iPad which has received mixed reactions from the public and critics alike. With that said, the tablet PC has potential providing Apple do not ruin it with their attempt and burn the concept in the minds of the mass market.

In terms of specifications, we can expect at least one USB port and possible a magnetic charging solution similar to what you can find in Mac Books. Indeed, the CEO of AigoPad Feng Jun confirms the company’s tablet ambitions, but does not confirm the most important fact; that it will run Android. It is unlikely that we will see this one at MWC so we’ll keep an eye out for you on more detailed news.

[Via PMP today]

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.