textecutionA new application called Textecution has just been announced.  The app can be installed on an Android powered smartphone and will make use of the phone’s GPS support to disable text messaging functionality when the phone is moving faster than a certain speed – i.e. in a moving car.

The service can be overridden by the appointed “administrator”, which requires that the admin respond “allow” to a message sent to them by the app.  If approved, the system is disabled for 4 hours.

Of course, the app can be easily uninstalled from the phone, and it could prove to be quite an annoyance for young motorists that spend just as much time in the passenger seat as in the driver’s seat, but it might be considered useful by some parents.  In any case, we are pretty certain that the use of the phone’s GPS system is going to hit hard in the battery life department.

Textecution is available for US$9.95 direct from the Textecution.com website.