We’d like to thank Ghost Armor for sending us one of their new custom cut protective covers for the T-Mobile G1. The kit includes a sheet with the cut-out protective panels, a spray bottle of solution for positioning the panels, and a squeegee for getting the air bubbles out.

The entire process took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. The rear panel was the hardest to get set because of the wrap around nature of the corners. You need to spray both sides of the cut-outs in order to place them, but that spray solution keeps the mild adhesive on the cut-outs from sticking around the corners – so it takes some time for the in-position rear panel to dry and start to hold onto the corners properly. Finger pressure seems to be the way to go.

The rest of the panels were easy to place except for the one that frames the display, since the sides of it are so narrow. You need to be careful to not stretch this piece when pulling it off the backing, and it is going to be a bit tricky to get it to line up straight. I did a half-decent job, but probably should have taken another shot at it.

The other panels were painless to position.

I didn’t manage to get out all of the air bubbles, as you can see in the photos, but I did an OK job of it. I just don’t have the patience to spend an hour or so making sure everything is perfect. It’s good enough for me.

One dry, I tested out the device. First thing I notice is that the new shiny surface on the phone offers much more grip than the original, not that I think it needed it. I also noticed that the edges of the protective panel are very noticeable, and not in a good way. You really feel them when holding the device, and I didn’t like that at all.

In terms of being tough, though, Ghost Armor really works. Just take a look at the video below to see how it stands up to some abuse.

If you are tough on your phones, a solution like Ghost Armor is probably the way to go. The full body kit costs US$24.99, while the Ghost Armor for the screen only costs $14.99. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

This video is available in high quality mode on the YouTube website if you don’t see it above.  You can see the details far better in HQ.