Here is an awesome list of 10 comic apps for the comic-hungry. Ideal for those who enjoy a healthy diet of graphic storytelling, not only are these apps the perfect digital medium for e-reading, but they are all free. Whether it’s Manga, American, Euromerican (?) or the underground variety, these apps a re tailor made for every manner of taste out there.

Comics 01

jjComics Viewer

A timeless classic? Dig this: jjViewer was the first of its kind. Back then, it broke new ground as the only comic viewer app on Android. Quite a feat. It’s still relevant today and has a solid track record behind it.

Comics 03


A renowned image viewer that’s CBZ and CBR compatible.

Comics 04

Mango Manga Reader

All your favorite Manga on one free app. This is for true believers of Manga though so don’t expect it to be an all-around reader.

Comics 05

Manga Watcher

Same as above, except that is has quite a reputation for being the best of its kind.

Comics 06

XKCD Viewer

Unique among comic apps, the XKCD Viewer features entire panels on the screen, turning the reading experience into a slideshow. Some might find this helpful.

Comics 07

Comic Strips

This is best suited for reading stuff you’d usually find in the funny papers. Strips mostly.

Comics 08

Vintage Comic Droid

This particular app is for true connoisseurs. If the user craves old comics from a bygone era, Vintage Comic Droid is their ultimate choice.

Comics 09

Droid Comic Viewer

Though it can supposedly support any comic format, it’s a perfect fit for Manga, allowing for right to left reading and other Manga-centric habits.

Comics 11


A one of a kind app that’s a database for a few thousand titles or more. Publishers have even teamed up with the developers to create unique content.

Comics 10

Comic Reader Mobi

A comic reader for mobile phones whose strength is in compresing pages into a mobile phone screen for an easy reading experience.

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