In yet another game and movie tie-in, Imangi has teamed up with Disney to release Temple Run: Brave, the sequel to the wildly popular game Temple Run.

In Temple Run: Brave, you will be taking on the role of the bright-haired Merida. She’s the main character on the upcoming Disney animated feature Brave, who happens to be a skilled archer. Instead of running away from evil monkeys, you’ll be running for your life to avoid the wrath of the demon bear Mordu.

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Aside from the usual run, jump, and slide that fans of the game are accustomed to, there will be a new move that they need to pull off: shoot. Hitting bullseye with your arrow means earning extra coins. Check out the trailer to see how it works.

Unlike the predecessor, you will have to plunk down $0.99 to download Temple Run: Brave on Google Play. However, you’ll start off the game with free 2500 coins for power-ups and more. Reviews seem to be favorable so far, mainly due to the new visuals and enhanced gameplay, but the game appears to lag on several devices. It’s a minor kink that we’re sure Imangi will iron out soon.