Telus Nexus 4
Telus has been relatively quiet on the Android device front lately, performing actions that have been limited to mostly issuing much-needed software updates for smartphones that first hit the market last year. However, it looks like it’s getting ready to launch the current flagship Android smartphone from Google very soon, if information gathered from sources in a new report on Mobile Syrup is to be believed.

According to Mobile Syrup, Telus just might follow the footsteps of some of its fellow Canadian carriers by releasing the LG Nexus 4 very soon. It would make sense for Telus to do this at a time like this, but its Nexus 4 release is really nothing more than a rumor at this point. However, there is one giant clue that tells this rumor is worth believing.

Pictured above is a Telus price card that is titled simply, “Nexus 4.” It shows to bullet points that talk about the said handset, and there’s also a bit of information on Telus data plans right along the bottom of it.

Unfortunately, the Nexus 4 price card doesn’t contain any information on pricing (ironic, isn’t it?) or an actual release date, so we’ll have to wait for those to become available, perhaps straight from Telus itself. When that happens, we’ll be there to update you with everything you need to know, so stay tuned.