galaxy note vs galaxy note 2

Galaxy Note 2 (left) vs Galaxy Note (right)

The Telus Samsung Galaxy Note is finally getting its Jelly Bean upgrade, as the carrier has promised not long ago, so good news for you if you’re on Telus and you own the device.

According to a How To page on the Telus website, the update will be available both over the air (OTA) and through the Kies software. The first option is probably the easiest to use, so just go to Settings, then About device to check for the Android version and you’ll be notified if the update is already available for you.

However, if the update isn’t available for you over the air yet and you can’t wait to get your hands on it, the same page also includes instructions on downloading and installing the update using the Samsung Kies software for Windows or Mac OS (you can find the instructions in the source link below).

The carrier has kept its word with the Telus Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean update, as it had been promised for the month of May and it’s already here, with the month having just started.

The Telus Samsung Galaxy Note users are not the only ones getting Jelly Bean these days – a little while ago, users of the AT&T Galaxy Note also got the update, and are now able to enjoy Google Now and all its other great features.

Telus Samsung Galaxy Note users, have you received the update yet?

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