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Telstra to roll out ICS update for Samsung Galaxy Note on August 27

August 9, 2012

Before even thinking of outing the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung still has a few things to sort out regarding the first-edition phablet. Seen as one of the best pieces of Android technology around by… well, everybody, the 5.3-incher has had a really tough time in its road to Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.

European and Korean Note adopters have gotten the software bump the quickest, back in May, while US users of the AT&T version have had to wait for ICS for a couple of months. Canadians have themselves been treated to an official upgrade last month, while Aussie Note buyers have been left out of the mix for the longest time.

Indeed, the excruciatingly long wait is now nearing an end over in Australia, where Telstra is supposed to be rolling out ICS for the Galaxy Note in about two weeks. The information is official and has been published on the carrier’s CrowdSupport forum, so this time folks: it’s really happening and there’s nothing that can stop it!

Well, there is something that could delay the Android 4.0 rollout, but we have no reason to be pessimistic and think Telstra will encounter any kind of major software glitches during the ICS testing. Now that the testing has already entered round two (and last), and, according to the updated schedule on Telstra’s forum, the software bump should be approved on August 13. Why would the carrier wait an additional two weeks to get the upgrade out to users is beyond me, but, hey, you waited this long, you can give it until the 27th, can’t you?

The Galaxy Note is not the only handheld Telstra is planning to upgrade to ICS in the near future, with the HTC EVO 3D and Samsung Galaxy S2 4G also ready to follow suite. The EVO, which was planned to get Android 4.0 much earlier, has been delayed due to “issues identified in 2nd round of testing”, but is still scheduled to get Ice Cream Sandwich by mid-September. As for the S2, the phone is planned to get the bump on October 16, but a lot might happen by then, as Samsung hasn’t even submitted the update to Telstra for testing.

Australia’s number one mobile network provider is also trying to be as communicative as possible about Jelly Bean updates, which we can’t help but appreciate. However, their only mentions of future Android 4.1 upgrades are for the Galaxy Nexus, HTC One XL and One S, all of which are listed with “to be confirmed” approval and customer availability dates.

Happy that Telstra is finally bringing the Galaxy Note into (sort of) present time? Disappointed that it’s happening so late? Let us know below.