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Telly: Sharing your life in video to social networks

September 27, 2012

Though a picture can speak a thousand words, there’s nothing quite like taking a video. Capturing a picture is one thing, but a video can tell viewers a whole lot more, not to mention really immerse them in the memory. Social media has expanded way beyond just telling people what you’re doing or thinking of in 140 characters or less and taking pictures of where you are and what you’re eating and throwing a filter on it for a chic look. YouTube allowed people to create video blogs (vlogs) so that they could connect better, and services like Keek let users take a 36-second video of whatever they wanted to share.

There’s another way of keeping in touch now: through the Telly app for Android. If you’re thinking of the slang term for television, you’re not exactly wrong. Telly is what happens when Keek and Instagram collide. You get to take videos and you can spruce them up by applying filters. That’s not all; Telly gives a little extra touch by allowing users to add music to their videos.

You can navigate the app’s various pages by tapping on the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. My Video Feed is where you can see what the people you’re following have uploaded, as well as your own uploads.

Popular Videos shows you what’s currently hot on Telly. If you find something you like, tap on the Facebook or Twitter icons under the video to share it with your friends. The More icon next to the two gives you more options to share it. You can also leave a comment and tap on the heart icon to like it.

And, last but not the least, there’s My Profile where you can edit your profile, change your avatar, select if you want to cross-post your videos to Twitter or Facebook, and change Settings such as Location Tagging and Push Notifications.

Now that you’re familiar with Telly’s interface, it’s time to take a video. Choose a video from your gallery or you can make one of your own. When you take a video, you can choose from a number of filters to give your video a special touch. Telly offers filters such as Mono, Sepia, Negative, Solarize, Posterize, and Aqua.

Once you’re done taking your video, you’ll have the option to add music to your video. Choose from tracks such as Angelic, Carefree, Beats, Forever, Gitty, Holla Back, Cruisin’, Fire It Up, Spy, and Whimsical. Once done, tap the check mark, add a message, tag your location, and decide if you want to share your video clip with Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t indicate a title for your video, it will simply upload as “Check out this video on Telly.”

Telly is a great way to share your life in video snippets, but I came across a few issues while checking it on an HTC Sensation. Viewing Telly-uploaded videos did not let the viewer switch to Landscape mode by tilting the device. This means that a video shot in landscape mode will be cramped and tiny on your device’s screen and possibly crucial details might be lost.

I also found Telly a bit slow in recording the videos that I liked. I had liked three, but only one seemed to have been recorded on my profile page. This isn’t really a major problem but possibly something the developers could look into for future updates.

Start capturing memories through a video and share them through Telly. Download the app today from the Google Play Store.