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Tello offers customizable phone plans, without long-term contracts

Check out Tello if you're tired of paying hefty phone bills with features you don't even use.
June 4, 2019
Tello Phone Plan

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Tello Phone Plan

You might’ve noticed that a handful of carriers dominate the mobile plans available today, offering cookie-cutter plans meant to cater to the general audience. If you own a plan like this, then you’ve probably already realized how hefty the monthly bill is, and you may not have used half the features.

Tello allows you to eliminate features you don’t need by letting you build your own plan. It’s an easy way to cut down your phone bill if you value data over call minutes, or vice-versa. Large carriers may not have the plans you’re looking for, but mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) will, and at a much cheaper price.

What’s an MVNO?

MVNOs are operators licensed to use a major carrier’s network. One example is Tello using the Sprint Network to deliver 4G LTE speeds. The best part about Tello is the flexibility to customize your own plan or to choose from one of their premade plans.

Tello Phone Plan

For example, if data and minutes is your holy grail, you can sign up for Tello’s Data plan which offers 10 GB of data, unlimited minutes, and unlimited texting for $39 a month. Alternatively, if calling isn’t a priority, but streaming services and texting is, then you can build yourself a plan with 4GB of data, 100 minutes, and free texting for just $25.

By comparison, Sprint’s Unlimited Basic plan has a flat rate of $60 for unlimited data, talk, and text, which is quite pricey if you don’t utilize it well.

The simplest way to slash your phone bill in half is by shrinking services you don’t need. With Tello, you can tailor a service that best fits you for a fraction of the cost that major carriers offer.

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