TeleNav has just announced its turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for the MyTouch 3G.  This announcement comes just at the heels of the myTouch 3G release.  The app mirrors those that TeleNav has already released for the G1 and the iPhone, which received excellent reviews from ZDNet (videos and screenshots included) and from AndroidCommunity.

The TeleNav GPS Navigator app compromises nothing, just like one might expect from a standalone GPS navigation system.  Like most navigation systems, the app shows maps in 3D, in addition to displaying local points of interest and gas prices.  A built in directory allows users to search through a myriad of businesses and read restaurant reviews.  Akin to many upper-tier navigation systems, the TeleNav GPS Navigator app displays traffic information on streets and highways.

To be available through the Android Market and through the TeleNav site on August 5, the app comes with a 3o-day free trial.  Continued use of the service requires a $9.99 per month charge, a $99 per year charge, or a $249.99 charge for four years.